Saturday, 22 January 2011

Yesterday, i was walking home and to some walking is nothing special, to me most of the time walking is nothing special. God gave me two legs to be used didnt he? But recently, I've been walking more (and yes that has to do with me losing my 16-18 oyster card which gives me free travel on buses) anyway all this walking from A to B has given me a period of the day where i get to reflect.

I know what you're thinking...what has a newly 18 year old girl who is still in school got to reflect on? That's not something i'll disclose on here but sheeeesh, the pressure is mounting for us school kids.

Back to  Friday 5pm; walking home. The sun was setting and the sky was pink, and orange and blue. Now i've seen pictures of the sky when it's like this...but rarely have i stopped and noticed it on my own front door.  Now i'm not really into the whole "romance" thing which i put in quotation marks because what really is romance? But i did think that the sky was picturesque. And, for a split second or two i remembered how lucky i am to be in LONDON living the way i do.

Then my thoughts went back to regular allycat thoughts...Does my butt look big in this? are people staring? Did curiosity really kill the cat? HOW MUCH LONGER TILL PAY DAY? my closet is screaming neglect.  my first pair of designer shoes are not going to buy themselves!

We live our lives with our eyes shut, and why do we only open them when something durastic happens? Don't live your life blinded by lights. Take a moment everyday even if its 30 minutes,  3 minutes or even 30 seconds to remember what you are aiming for in your life and is it making you happy?

If not, it's never ever too late to take a detour.

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