Sunday, 16 January 2011


In the words of CB(Carrie Bradshaw) I don't believe in email. I'm an old fashioned girl, i prefer calling and hanging up.

I can't believe how fast technology has advanced. When i was growing up yes, we had a television(colour! I'm only a ninties child) but i still preferred to play with my dolls and mini cooking oven. Now at 18 i've realized i'm bad at texting, but good at tweeting that has to count for something?

Now, theres an app for everything. Theres an app to find a lawyer and probably an app which acts as a lawyer. Its too much for me, a girl who still writes people letters and makes scrapbooks.

If theres one thing i couldn't live without it's my camera. I love creating memories with old/new people and being able to look at them and laugh and/or cringe.

Technology is dangerous though. So many people i know say that twitter or facebook has ruined their relationship with people as its become too impersonal. After all, you can't control what people post on your wall.

But shit, life is for living and all this new developments are what brought us into the 21st century.

So let me just finishing this random, unprepared post that doesnt really have much relevance by saying:

I'm a mac and i like my eggs sunny side up.

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