Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Bruno Mars is the new trend.

This is the young man who has stolen every girl's heart. The Hawaiian 25 year old is a real catch. 
He is not only teaching girls about standards, but he is also showing guys to not be afraid of showing affection. In-fact with Bruno (Real name Peter) showing affection and love is the new thing. 

I first heard Bruno Mars on B.O.B's track "Nothin on you". Since then I've been hooked on his beautifully written lyrics and cleverly shot videos. His smile is enough, but then his smile opens and out comes the song. I'm head over heels and so are most of my girlfriends.  One even said, Bruno wouldn't need to catch a grenade for her, because if he was her boyfriend then would never leave the house let alone the bedroom (which of course would have a permanent guitar in it)

If you haven't yet heard the cutest song ever (besides the way you are) on the planet yet then check out "Grenade" in the video above.

But if he's going to pulling the piano all across town there should only person who i think should be with him, is Vanessa Carlton. 

- A 

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