Monday, 17 January 2011

Men. Pronounced (EM EE EN)

I don't know how i've stuck with blogging with so long. Tried tumblr, tried lookbook, and here i am @ blogger. I must be doing something right. Last week i received 5 emails from girls who have read my blog. Each requesting me to write something particular for them as a form of advice.  I don't know if these girls knew each other or it may even have been the same girl five times. But what they all asked for something that tied into the same topic.

So now, here i am. Sitting on my bedroom floor, shower wet hair and pringles on tap by my side. This is i guess a one off post, for all the girls who think the same way i do but especially to the 5 who were brave enough to ask me to write about something specific. This post may make me vulnerable, but i'll give it a go.

Guys,boys,doodes,males,men, the number one topic on the phone. Where do i even begin.  It has been thought that men are from mars and women are from venus that would explain we do the things we do. I personally think its much simpler than that. Just like girls, guys want to appear unattainable.  That's the most annoying thing for us girls because we always want something we can't have. A Challenge : do we really think that in the end we'll get them? Is that why we open ourselves to vulnerability. One thing i tell my fiends over and over is to be patient. Nothing is ever easy. I also tell them about the whole Kat & Alfie thing on Eastenders but i'm saving that for another post.  But really girls, if theres anything i've learnt in 4 years it's that if you don't take a risk you'll always wonder what if. I'm 18 years old, and sometimes i forget that. People say I'm wise for 18, I'm not i just watch a lot of sandra bullock movies. I've got a whole load of learning to do so don't take my word for it i'm just saying it as i see it being a fellow single girl.

Don't be afraid to step out your comfort zone with a guy. Without making my self too vulnerable, i'll tell you that one thing i noticed i did alot with the guy i like is i stuttered. wow does he make me nervous, just his smile makes me weak (no cliche intended) I hadn't been in a situation where i had been that nervous since my ex and thats how i found myself out my comfort zone. Inside my heart was racing and my mouth seriously wasn't connecting with my mind but i think on the outside i just had a smile on my face. We're all human after all, when i told my friend she said that's normal (whilst giggling)

I think the main thing i'm being asked is how do you know when a guy likes you? The don't. Every guy is different, with some you know with others it takes a while to read them. Trust your instincts you just have to go after what you want and if it doesn't want you back then so be it, it didnt deserve you anyway. The first time i heard that i was about 15 and its stuck with me ever since. I'm no expert on guys, and i definitely cannot speak for them. All you can do is be yourself, forget the game and feel, and hope they do the same. Oh and jesus girls, smile. We all go through that phase where we hope they'll walk by or you'll randomly bump into them. You know it makes you want to smile, so just smile. A smile can go a long way you know. Be silly if you want to be, text them if you want to text them just don't give it all away at once. Just don't be like me, I'm the worst candidate cause i tend to think i'm giving hints and im giving nothing away. That's why people say I'm complicated. Dont analyse what he does as girls we do that ALOT. take it for what it is lil mamas an apple is an apple from the front and from the won't change no matter how many times you look at it.

Oh and a little hint. Let them figure you out, let them unlock your doors and let them unravel your mind. They may not make a move straight away, be patient when they're ready they will. I have no idea if what i'm writing is helping but it's all i can think of. Take them for what they are, don't try and change them.  We're young and life is about having fun right now. Guys will come and go, as long as you don't forget what YOU are about and what you stand for you're doing right. I'm not afraid to write this, but every girl knows that the quickest way to get a guys attention is the two B's (boobs, butt). But if like me, you aren't a show everything girl then that's okay too. We all want to feel sexy and we all want guys to notice us. But sometimes it comes at a price, all the girls ive spoken to agree that mind over matter cause your mind is worth 10x what your body is worth. It might sound crazy but it aint no lie (Bit of Nsync) for you music lovers. What's the point of showing all your goodies at once? Savour them, Eve only let Adam into her garden of eden. And boy, did he appreciate it.  Leave a guy to find out what's lying underneath or better yet let him guess. He just might be surprised when you let him that boudoir.

so sing to your favourite songs, and think about him, talk to him, lust for him and have fun and be silly with him. Cause that's just what girls do no matter what age you are. Do what you do day to day for you, if he notices well then that's a bonus. But no matter what respect yourself. Respecting yourself means he and everyone else around you will respect you too.

Over and Out. Kisses always,


P.s, my hair is dry and curly! that's how long this post took.


  1. Allie! You're such a cutie. I don't know how youre single man!! but you are right on with this! bravo, i had no idea you blogged. its so good! love sare

  2. allie this is genuinely so well written! i love love love it, you should write deep stuff more often for sure.
    charrr x

  3. I have to say I do actually love this post and I need to tell you something which will explain why it has lifted my mood. I'm going to save it to my favourites so I can read it again and take your advice. Even though we all know most of what you got is from me madam. X

  4. My girl Al speak the truth, well done Allie this is really good
    Lydia x

  5. omg! like i love this and you! i think this should be on the side of facebook for some girls to read because they need it! it 's men wanting good women! and your one of them love you!!

  6. Thanks Kat! aw that made me smile so much. i love you too sweetheart :)

    & Everyone else, Lyds, Bobbie, char and sarah! thank you dolls. mucho kisses to all of you.

  7. oh this is amazing A,
    i can relate to it so much!

    definately saving this for the many times ive needed it! xx

  8. My best friend is the next sarah jessica parker seriously, this piece is the shit! so well written and full of the truth! this is going to help so many people :)
    loveyou so much

  9. aw i love you allie <3
    well written girl.


  10. thank you everyone :) BIG LOVE to all the single girls.

    stand united..till otherwise xx