Saturday, 8 January 2011

no ones found a man for all seasons

 I read an interesting article in ELLE en route to work yesterday


For all of you who don't read ELLE (Which you do know is a sin?) The article ended... " Most women set out to try and change a man. Once they have changed him, they don't like him".

Life is funny, cause change is something we don't like to accept. When you change to a toothpaste your dentist recommended, or changing your hairstyle after 5 years.  It takes a while to adjust to.

I'm a fan of change, or at least i'd like to think i am. Nothing stays the same forever, seasons change and as they change we have to grow and adapt.

I'm a woman now (Hear Me Roar) The morning i woke up 18, I knew i'd changed, mind and soul not yet body haha.

So many of my friends complain that their boyfriends have annoying habits.. but that's just it. Its the little things that only you get to see that make them yours and also in the end make you laugh(sometimes)

We're meant to have flaws, they are what makes you...YOU

I have flaws, infact they are

1.  Sometimes I'm too sensible
2.  Naivety
3.  Impatient
4.  I worry too much
5.  I analyse too much
6.  I laugh at the most inappropriate times
7.  I sing a line of a song over and over and over again till i get it stuck in your head.

But they will probably never ever change.

For me, an 18 year old my bible is ELLE and the sex and the city boxset. I'm a young Carrie Bradshaw/Khloe Kardashian. I know little about relationships! I've only been in one and it lasted a year and several months... but i was young, 16 but one thing i learnt was how secure you feel.

Then again, I feel secure in my Mary Jane Shoes. Do that mean I'd rather have a pair of shoes than a boyfriend?


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