Thursday, 20 January 2011

i'm sleeping with my blinds open tonight

I'm lying in my bed its 01:35am on well what's now January 20th. I have lucozade in a plastic starbucks cup cup that only 6 hours ago held ice water. The beginning of toothpaste kisses by the Maccabees is playing.

I'm somewhere in between awake and asleep. Can i be honest? This after all is my blog. If i can't be honest with myself who can i be honest with. (Don't answer that)                  

Today/Yesterday i woke up regenerated and with a fresh outlook on how i want my life to plan out. Maybe it was the text i was waiting for that i knew i'd never get, or maybe it was that i've finally set out my goal for this year. Waking up was just the first step. Truth is, words don't describe how excited i am about what this year may hold for me. I think i've sorted my closet for this year all i'm waiting on is my pay slip. the rest is unwritten, or rather its a secret. But heres one secret i don't mind telling....whatever game this boy was playing he'll have to play alone.

You know what they say. As one door shuts, a fire exit opens. But this isn't an emergency so i just unlocked the window and breathed in the air instead.

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