Friday, 26 March 2010

What's on the STREET this spring?

Allycat is always true to the street, and streetwear is something i often live in. Being part of fashion means you can mix it up, and you don't have to belong to only one fashion style. As a kid i grew up for 2 years with a skateboard that was covered in graffiti. 

I owned hardcore black vans that i wore with baggy jeans that if i had now would have been cut to be shorts. I am partly a hipster and i am mostly seen in acid jeans, brown brogues and the first sweater i pull out of the closet but i am also teenager and experimenting is what we do. So if you never have, then give streetwear a try this spring!! The sport look is in, so streetwear will go great as an accompaniment with a key piece. 

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