Saturday, 27 March 2010

Nude is back in fashion (Only on the lips)

Nude LIPS would go great with a smokey eye.

For Americans here is a link for the ten best nude lipsticks this spring :

For Brits here is a link which enables you to know what products to buy to achieve the nude look and also partner products (Article by Jane Cullen - Telegraph) :



  1. hey this is so inspiration, your very original, one of a kind.
    p.s I love your fashion sense.

  2. allycat, i had so much fun reading this and looking at your amazing photos. keep doing what your doingggggg

  3. Love you best friend. Coolest person I know, I think so.

  4. Thankyou! its great to know that i've communicated and inspired my readers. Stay tuned for more make up and beauty tips!

    P.s, to my best friend sim, you are the greatest person ever!