Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Who's There?

Bangs are the new season hairstyle. Bobs, chic cuts, pixie and choppy layers are hairstyles that can be worn all year round. But updating your do for spring can be as simple as snipping long side-swept bangs into a sleek, straight line. “Blunt fringe is hot right now and will continue to be through summer,” So if this spring you want something new, then bangs are the way to go. If your hair looks like its still stuck in autumn, then trade it in for something a little like this....

Here are some of my favourite styles from the runway:


  1. ah this is great! im going to get my hair cut on saturday so i'm going to get bangs!! this blog is so cool!!

  2. i just got rid of them i guess i can bring them back : ) hahaha.