Friday, 9 April 2010

One for sorrow, two for JOY

Fairy tales, myths, fables and stories which may involve the characters cinderella or any other disney princess for that matter are considered for children...aren't they?

I almost feel like my own life is a fairy story. I am the protagonist (currently dressed in mustard leggings, mens denim shirt and denim socks) and my prince charming will remain anonymous for now.

Anonymous is interesting because you probably think i'm going to reveal his identity at the end of this point. That may be hard only because he really is anon, non existent, ommitted and thus far never been met.

So without a boy by my side.. i guess my life doesn't really resemble a fairy tale. I don't have hair long enough to climb, talking woodland animals as friends nor is everything i own pink and frilly.

But my face is innocent and my good nature was something i was born with.

So if today you see a girl with shoulder length hair, an african bracelet on and indeed the mustard leggings  then stop her for a chat... i won't bite



  1. great fashion blog :)

    love your style, so eclectic!
    if you want any movie advice you can check my own pitiful excuse for a blog:

    keep up the great work ally! (:

  2. thankyou so much! and sure thing i'm now following your blog, movie night occurs all the time for me and my friends so your blog could be real handy